Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top10: Smartphone of 2009 - HTC beat iPhone

HTC latest's smartphone has beat the iPhone at UK retailer Here is the top 10 list from

    HTC A6262 SmartPhone Unlocked--International Version with No Warranty (White)
  1. HTC Hero - Android based operating system, possibly the best phone to demonstrate what Google’s new operating system is really capable of. 
  2. HTC HD2 - The first phone to offer multi-touch on Windows Mobile 6.5.
  3. Apple iPhone 3GS - Second update to the groundbreaking formula.
  4. Samsung Genio Touch - Cheap and cheerful handset that brings touch screen joy without price tag.
  5. Sony Ericsson Satio - A slick full touch Symbian powered user interface.
  6. Plam Pre - A socially savvy handset that pulls contact information to be automatically from networking sites including Facebook.
  7. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic -  Endorsement from today’s fashionable young things and a full touch interface, the 5800 was bound to be a hit.
  8. Nokia N900 - Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo platform, delivers a close-to-desktop browsing experience, as well as offering cutting edge smart phone functionality.
  9. LG Chocolate GL40 - the screen’s unique 21:9 widescreen ratio, giving the Chocolate BL40 an tasty form factor. 
  10. BlackBerry Curve 8520 - A messaging device, sporting the familiar QWERTY keyboard and e-mail functionality that the Blackberry brand has become famous for. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Video: HTC TouchFLO 3D with Document Tab

This video is a look at the new documents tab on the TouchFLO3D 2.5 for T-Mobile HTC HD2 test ROM. This tab will show you live preview of the contents of the document. Very cool...

Friday, December 25, 2009

40 Tips: Andriod Tips n Tricks

Grab your phone and get started to learn 40 tips and tricks from to become an Andriod power user quickly.
The tips and tricks include how to:-
  • Optimize home screen.
  • Get around Android - File management, cut & paste, hotkeys etc.
  • Stay connected - Sync Outlook
  • Secure your smartphone - Lock & unlock, backup etc.
  • Add essential application
  • Customize Andriod phone completely
Here are first 10 tips and tricks:

Video: Quick Tour Nokia N900 with Maemo 5

This video is a quick tour of Nokia N900 (unboxing) and software preview of the Linux Maemo 5 operating system.

Video: Android 2.0.1 for HTC Touch Diamond2 (Topaz)

This video show HTC Touch Diamond2 (Window Mobile device) running Android 2.0.1 (Eclair). This installation is not stable enough for day-to-day use but it allow us to experience Android from our Window Mobile device. This is also available for HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Touch HD. Click here to download from XDA Developer:-

HTC Touch Diamond2
HTC Touch Pro2
HTC Touch HD


Video: Swype Keyboard

This is a new keyboard application for WM from Verizon Omnia II call Swype. This video will show how its work and with a little bit of practice, it becomes very easy to use.
Get the cab file here from XDA Developer. It seems that Swype will work on any WVGA device like the HTC HD2, HCT Touch Pro2, HTC Touch HD and HTC Diamond2.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video: Acer Liquid A1 Preview

This video is unboxing and review of the Acer Liquid A1 Android powered touch phone with Acer's custom Spinlets UI skin.

Source: Engadget

Video: AMOLED vs LCD Display

This video will show you the comparison between AMOLED display of the Samsung Omnia Pro vs traditional LCD display.

Video: Verizon HTC Droid Eris Hardware Tour

This video is hardware tour for Verizon HTC Droid Eris.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Video: myTouch (HTC Hero) vs iPhone 3GS

The iPhone faces competition with HTC Hero (myTouch T-Mobile).
Part 1

Part 2

The final installment of the epic battle:
Part 3

Magazine: 100% you. myTouch. The Insider’s Guide

T-Mobile has a new magazine called "100% you. myTouch. The Insider's Guide."

Have you gotten yours yet?

"Welcome to the first issue of 100% you., our magazine exclusively for myTouch 3G customers. You’ll find it filled with content that helps you further presonalize your myTouch 3G. We want to fill these pages with tips and stories that help you to discover cool new features and applications. Think of this magazine as the insider’s guide to your myTouch 3G.

We created 100% you. magazine to be your one-stop source for getting the most out of your new phone. Inside you’ll find 54 apps and games to download, an exclusive interview with country superstar Brad Paisley, a list of must-have phone accessories and more. There’s even a story about Sherpa, an amazing new location-sensitive application that you don’t need to learn, because it learns you!"
- Robert Dotson, President and CEO of T-Mobile



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