Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top10: Smartphone of 2009 - HTC beat iPhone

HTC latest's smartphone has beat the iPhone at UK retailer Here is the top 10 list from

    HTC A6262 SmartPhone Unlocked--International Version with No Warranty (White)
  1. HTC Hero - Android based operating system, possibly the best phone to demonstrate what Google’s new operating system is really capable of. 
  2. HTC HD2 - The first phone to offer multi-touch on Windows Mobile 6.5.
  3. Apple iPhone 3GS - Second update to the groundbreaking formula.
  4. Samsung Genio Touch - Cheap and cheerful handset that brings touch screen joy without price tag.
  5. Sony Ericsson Satio - A slick full touch Symbian powered user interface.
  6. Plam Pre - A socially savvy handset that pulls contact information to be automatically from networking sites including Facebook.
  7. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic -  Endorsement from today’s fashionable young things and a full touch interface, the 5800 was bound to be a hit.
  8. Nokia N900 - Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo platform, delivers a close-to-desktop browsing experience, as well as offering cutting edge smart phone functionality.
  9. LG Chocolate GL40 - the screen’s unique 21:9 widescreen ratio, giving the Chocolate BL40 an tasty form factor. 
  10. BlackBerry Curve 8520 - A messaging device, sporting the familiar QWERTY keyboard and e-mail functionality that the Blackberry brand has become famous for. 

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