Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HTC Touch Diamond2 aka Topaz - Official WM6.5 ROM Upgrades (Multi Languages)

Official HTC WM6.5 ROM Upgrades for Touch Diamond2 aka Topaz has finally arrived. They are comes in six languages English, Russian, Norwegian, Denmark, ELL, Sweden, German, and Portugal. They are now all available for an immediate download from hTCPEDIA.com.

Video: HTC HD2 Unboxing

HTC HD2 aka Leo the unboxing videos!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

HTC Hero beats iPhone at T3 Gadget Awards

The HTC Hero has surprised the technology pundits by scooping the top prize at the T3 Gadget Awards. More than 135,000 readers voted the Hero Gadget of the Year, beating strong contenders including the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre. The wildcard smartphone, which uses Google's Android Operating system, was described by T3 Magazine as the 'jewel in the Android crown.'

Android is an open-source system. It has its own application store called Market and features including a quick search box on the home-screen, the ability to copy and paste between applications and voice to text typing. It features a slick 3.2" multi-touch screen, 5MP camera, 512MB on-board memory and a microSD slot.

Readers were so impressed they also named the Hero the Phone of the Year.

Source: MailOnline

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tips: 5 Must-Do's for Every Windows Phone

Windows Mobile 6.5 offers improvements that distance it from Windows Mobile 6.1. Whether WM6.5 does enough to stave off the hunger for Windows Mobile 7 is up for debate, though early reviews seem negative enough to turn WM 6.5 into the Vista of the mobile world.

1. Setup an Email Account.

2. Pair a Bluetooth Device.

3. Start a SMS Conversation.

4. Add a Contact.

5. Demonstrate Task Manager

source: hTCPEDIA

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Video: HTC Touch HD2 aka Leo Promo Video

The HTC Touch HD2 aka Leo has been setting tongues wagging and turning heads for months now with its impressive feature list. As we know the official launch day is almost upon us and of course we've seen the spec sheet too. Well just to keep things fresh in people's minds HTC have released an official promo site and a promo video. Check the site out here and sit back and enjoy the video below.


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