Thursday, December 3, 2009

Magazine: 100% you. myTouch. The Insider’s Guide

T-Mobile has a new magazine called "100% you. myTouch. The Insider's Guide."

Have you gotten yours yet?

"Welcome to the first issue of 100% you., our magazine exclusively for myTouch 3G customers. You’ll find it filled with content that helps you further presonalize your myTouch 3G. We want to fill these pages with tips and stories that help you to discover cool new features and applications. Think of this magazine as the insider’s guide to your myTouch 3G.

We created 100% you. magazine to be your one-stop source for getting the most out of your new phone. Inside you’ll find 54 apps and games to download, an exclusive interview with country superstar Brad Paisley, a list of must-have phone accessories and more. There’s even a story about Sherpa, an amazing new location-sensitive application that you don’t need to learn, because it learns you!"
- Robert Dotson, President and CEO of T-Mobile


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