Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video: Skype for Android devices

This is an official Skype application released for Android devices. While there were unofficial ways to interact with Skype on Android phones for quite a while now, folks have been desiring an official application like those found on the iPhone have been enjoying. Well, Skype wasn’t ignoring this growing segment of the market, these were just taking their sweet time getting hired done. And, as was announced today, it’s finally here.

While it’s exciting to finally see all of your Skype contacts on your phone, there is one major drawback towards the app, which is having less 3G support in america. For reasons uknown, it would appear that users everywhere else in the world can make Skype calls any moment they seem like it (as demonstrated inside the video), but users in the U.S.A. will have being on Wi-Fi to get any use out of the call functionality. Because the website article says:
In the US, Skype for Android works over WiFi only. Skype for Android is not available in China and Japan at this moment. Operator charges may apply when consumers use data or roam over 3G, EDGE, GPRS.
Visit skype.com/m on your phone to download.

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