Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AMOLED vs iPhone 4 Retina Display

No doubt that, the iPhone 4’s Retina Display is completely stunning, having a resolution (326 ppi / dpi) that completely demolishes all competition out there these days. The new Retina Display, surpasses the resolution at which the human eye can resolve individual pixels. But that’s still not keeping a select few from speaking out about it, saying that it’s activities like “spec exaggeration.” Samsung had their say about it these days, and they believe that AMOLED remains the clear winner within the screen arena.

A spokesperson for Samsung argued that quadrupling the resolution really had little impact on clarity, at most 3 to 5%, and that it would allegedly hike the battery drain as much as 30%. AMOLED is purportedly much better as it doesn't require a backlight and makes up for any resolution loss in other methods, for example higher contrast with true black, much more accurate colors and no limits on viewing angles.

"Structurally, [Apple's] IPS LCD technology cannot catch up with AMOLED display technology," 

The iPhone 4 panel is still considered probably the most advanced displays both for its "invisible pixel" impact and for overcoming a lot of the perceived drawbacks of LCD, covering a really wide color gamut and touting a lot wider viewing angles than the frequently cheap LCDs utilized in other phones. Samsung's official also omitted well-known drawbacks of AMOLEDs, including their high relative cost and poor visibility outdoors. The Galaxy S might solve this with a Super AMOLED screen less vulnerable towards the impact, but isn't totally immune.

Raymond Soneira,Founder, President and CEO of DisplayMate Technologies said that to truly achieve a show that could be invisible towards the human eye, the PPI will have to be somewhere near 477PPI, and what Apple claims isn’t even true unless you’re holding the device about 1.5 feet away from your eyes. So yes, Apple has exaggerated concerning the clarity of their show, but it doesn’t mean that it makes the show a bad show. Plus, this isn’t the very first time Apple has announced a slight fib about their achievements.

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