Wednesday, May 5, 2010

myTouch 3G Slide Officially Announced T-Mobile

MyTouch 3G Slide isn't a lot bigger than the myTouch 3G, the industry tablet-style smartphone without having the sliding QWERTY keyboard. The myTouch Slide will also compete with Motorola's CLIQ on T-Mobile's lineup.

It is the first Android 2.1 handset on T-Mobile with Sense UI but the carrier has tweaked the software program to make points simpler for first-time smartphone users. One of several cool points I noticed is an application switcher within the notification window shade. I usually loved the notification bar on Android and thought it was a revelation when introduced but there is much wasted space with it. On the myTouch Slide, the app switcher could prove useful – we just wish you can kill apps from it.

Other neat software program tweaks consist of a Faves Gallery app that shows up to 20 of your most-contacted individuals and gives you these users’ social media, e-mail and phone call updates. There’s also myModes, which enables you to instantly switch the mode on your phone. For instance, make use of this to very easily switch between your work setup and your leisure setup.

The handset also rocks all the connectivity choices you’d expect (WiFi, 3G, Blueooth), GPS and a 5-megapixel camera. So, it is still not going to out-spec some thing like the Droid Incredible or EVO 4G but it looks like a solid device with some spiffy, customized software program.

The myTouch Slide will hit in June and it's come in either black, red, or white.

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