Thursday, March 18, 2010

Download: Metal Detector App for WinMo - Beta

Metal Detector application for Windows mobile that use build-in electronic compass on HTC HD2 as metal detector.
Current status of this app:
This is far from finished, but as we both are quite busy at the moment, we'd like to share the current beta of this app.

All gauges are fully functional. Clicking sound and vibration working too. You may turn them on/off using the corresponding buttons on the left.
To exit the app, use the lower right button.

The camera button has a new meaning as of v0.2.0.0:
It enables a test mode, where sensor readings are simulated. Use the sliders to advance the main/aux gauges

Todo's we're aware of:
- artwork needs final polishing
- sliders do slide but have no effect whatsoever, temporarily used for debugging
- screenshot (camera) button switches debugging mode (this will change in a final release)
- detection algorithm still crappy
- sound and vibration status not saved on exit
Download beta version Metal Detector from XDA.

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