Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Touch HD cooked ROM

What is cooked ROM?
Cooked ROM means that the shipped ROM has been modified (remove or add program/application) and optimized (edited) registry, also known as custom ROM.

Cooked ROM is released by individual enthusiast to ROM customization to suit their usage and need. Remove some program from shipped ROM that they feel not effective and replace with other better program. Change the registry to optimize Pocket PC performance, lower the battery usage, increase memory respond and some even change the OS. There are several active members that release a cooked ROM for Touch HD. I’ve tried several cooked ROM from Panosha, Laurentius26, Davideuck and Duttythroy. From those chefs I like Duttytroy released the most. I found that Dutty’s ROM has fewer bugs and more stable than other chefs ROM. Latest Dutty’s cooked ROM released is Dutty’s HD XT V3.4 Ship. This is the new Ship Rom which is based from the Topaz (HTC Diamond2)/Rhodium (HTC Pro2) OEM. More info about this click
Dutty’s ROM. May 26 Duttytroy has released Window Mobile 6.5 R1 test ROM.

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